phalloidin stained endothelial cell showing an actin protrusion

phalloidin stained worm showing gut and muscle

An actin reporter expressed in hypodermis of 3 fold embryos shows circumferencial actin bundles

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 11.37.36 PMThe C. elegans germline imaged with a membrane marker in green and histone marker in red (image by Priti Agarwal)

Monolayer of endothelial cells in culture stained for F-actin

Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts stained for actin (green) and beta-catenin (red) highlighting the cell-cell junctions.

(Image by Megha Vaman Rao)

microtubules in hypodermis of comma stage embryo

integrin beta (pat-3) GFP appearing in dense bodies in muscles of C. elegans

focal adhesions in endothelial cell. A ratiometric image of Zyxin and phosphotyrosine

Hela cells naturally arranged in a circle stained for actin (red) and myosin IIa (green) (image by Megha Rao)

AJM-1::GFP highlights apical junctions in the hypodermis of C. elegans embryos during dorsal intercalation (bottom right), enclosure (top left) and elongation (top right and bottom left)

Cell junction geometry changes during elongation as shown here with AJM-1::GFP at two time points 27min. apart

Eph4 mouse mammary epithelial cells stained for cadherin (red) actin (green) and microtubules (blue) (image by Cristina Bertocchi)

Eph4 cell under increased tension stained for actin (red) non-muscle myosin II (green) and cadherin (blue) (image by Cristina Bertocchi)

E-cadherin (red) in vesicles near junctions. Actin is in green (Megha Rao)

ani-1::GFP embryos lined up by Wei Yung for inspection

Hela cell stained for F-actin with phalloidin visualized with super resolution microcopy (Wu Yao). Each image in the series of four is an enlargement of the one above

During ventral enclosure epidermal cells wrap around the embryo from the dorsal side to meet at the ventral midline. In this movie hypodermal cells are expressing an actin binding GFP reporter.

Elongation involves dramatic cell shape change in all cells, including the hypodermal cells. Cell-cell junctions are highlighted in this movie of DLG-1::GFP

Gastrulation cleft closure is seen in this embryo, which is expressing a CED-10::GFP bound to all membranes.

Microtubule dynamics in a comma stage embryo can be appreciated in this 20 second interval movie of tubulin::GFP

GFP can also be expressed in the nuclei allowing the following of nuclear dynamics in developing embryos

MDCK ECad cherry monolayer dynamics (Megha Rao)

HMP-1::GFP;AJM-1::dsRED (Yemima Budirahadja)

HMR-1/Cadherin::GFP (Dorsal view) (Yemima Budirahadja)

HMR-1/Cadherin::GFP (Ventral view) (Yemima Budirahadja)

Early embryo PH-cherry;His-GFP (Anup Padmanabhan)