Shiri Kela – PhD student


Shiri did her M.Sc in the department of biotechnology engineering at Ben-Gurion University under the supervision of Dr. Isam Khalaila. Her research focused on the development of a lipoprotein-based delivery vehicle to crustacean oocytes, using Quantum Dots labeled vitellogenin, that enters independently into prawns’ oocytes, in order to create transgenic prawns. The study included the establishment of a prawns’ ovarian incubation system, and finding the optimal conditions for vitellogenin internalization into the oocytes by ex-vivo means. During her research, she worked with prawn ovaries and oocytes, and discovered her passion for reproductive systems and embryonic development research. Therefore, she join Prof. Zaidel-Bar’s lab as a Ph.D student, in order to study the actomyosin machinery during embryonic development.