Leeba Ann Chacko – Graduate student

Leeba Ann ChackoLeeba graduated her bachelors of engineering with a degree in biotechnology. For her final year project, she had the opportunity to work at the National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore where she studied predator prey interactions in the context of refugee seeking behavior.

On graduating, she had the opportunity of working at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore for a year where she worked with Dr. Vaishnavi Ananthanarayanan. Here she was exposed to various projects. One of them involved understanding what goes on in the nucleus of mesenchymal stem cells as they differentiate into osteoblasts when grown on nanofibrous scaffolds. Another project she worked on involved understanding the role of certain membranous anchor proteins in the process of nuclear oscillations that occurs during fission yeast meiotic cell division.

Having been exposed to cutting edge microscopy techniques and studies on dynamic processes that occur within a cell, she decided to pursue a PhD in the field of Mechanobiology. She joined Dr. Ronen Zaidel Bar’s lab and is currently working on characterizing the role of formins during early C. elegans embryogenesis.